by Fit Of Frustration




released 24 March 2014

Fit Of Frustration is Justindians, Brandon Existence and Al Caustic.
All songs written, performed and recorded by us at Slow Burn January - March 2014 .



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Wunderkind
Wishing well throw your dreams onto the trash
Witching spell keeps dragging up the past
Now it's time for you to see what your tricks wont do to me
Strike out spit in the face of lust
Throw you in an early grave grind you into dust
This wont be the first or last, this wont end
It stays here by my side, but its no friend
Passion play, killing just for the thrill
Here I lay, a broken man with a broken will
Mercenary, calculate, attack it from both sides
Throw it everything youve got just to try to salvage pride
Track Name: Heavens Weight
Angels crying tears of blood to Gods that do not care
Blind eyes stare into the darkness crippled with despair
Fester in a pool of hate just trying not to drown
Angels crying tears of blood to gods that make no sound
And drag you down
Reaching out to find some guidance and finding yourself trapped
Seeking out the path to take but now you can't get back
Its all a laugh
Track Name: Dead, White and Blue
Warriors battle through an ancient desert land
Torching crops displacing native clans
The future fires death to them from robots in the sky
In turn they detonate themselves with suicidal pride
Those that suffer all the more between the gods and greed
One that strips you of your mind, the other of your needs
We hold our breath for glory while we sink into the sand
Warriors battle through an ancient desert land

An economy in ruins, squeeze the sweat from the working poor
Lay us off, raise our taxes and profit from another war
Keep education unaffordable it doesnt help when the masses can think
Watch the mad cash grab by the corporate scum while a nation is pushed to the brink
Keeping track of what we watch and read
For an ever growing enemies list
Like Germany 1933, be careful of what you wish
See the fall of the great empire, killed by the pigs and the trash
There was more than enough for us all to that they hoarded confiscated and stashed
Its a lost cause
Track Name: The Cycle Of Strife
From a working slave to a lonely grave
You cant escape you cant be saved
The road to hell you had to pave
You cant escape you cant be saved