by Fit Of Frustration




Fit Of Frustration is Justindians, Brandon Existence and Easy Al Caustic. All songs written, performed and recorded by us Sept. - Nov. 2014 at Slow Burn. Bust!


released 13 November 2014



all rights reserved


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Fit Of Frustration Maryland

Just some old dudes that enjoy playing the type of music we grew up on.

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Track Name: More Of The Same
Harmonize complexity
Brainwashed with technology
Locked inside of the digital glow
Feed you the lies that they want you to know
Crushing your ego planting false dreams
Provide information supporting their scheme
Convince you that your worth is nil
Breaking you back just to fatten their till
Fifty year debt they owe you a life
Trade in your time and you barely get by
Work all your days and still end up broke
The American dream is an American joke

Disengage from the serpents lair
They're robbing us blind but you don't seem to care
Like crabs in a bucket you scramble for the top
Never realizing that your headed for the pot
Crush the competition sharpen the blade
Protect your position as a lap dog in chains
Qwell all rebellion and mind what you say
Sing the praise of your master slave hymns for today
Shatter the illusion reject the status quo
Flip the switch on this puppet show
Locking us down with minimum wage
Rise up fight back with a strike of maximum rage

They offer nothing more of the same
Get rich off your back more of the same
Work until the day you die more of the same
Track Name: Much Ado About Nothing
You can deny it's power, but it's power will not deny you
One wrong move and you are through
You can deny it's power, pull the covers right over your head
But one wrong move and you are dead

Casually fuck with me
Whip it into a bitter rage
Beg for that sweet relief
Energy that can not be tamed
Track Name: Verbal Lynchings
Talk, talk you do nothing but talk and got nothing to say
Walk, walk I don't wanna hear your shit just turn and walk away
Time, time you're just wasting my time and I've got none to waste
Cold sweat, I'm caught in your mosh I can't take another day

Lies, lies you tell nothing but lies you can't be believed
Cry, cry all you ever do is cry why did this happen to me
Take, take until there's nothing to give and then you take a bit more
Have nots, half hearted convictions have we heard this before

Never enough, never a friend
Never enough, never again
Track Name: Event Horizon
Activate to extract energy until it can't hold a charge
Set it loose for eternity shoot it back to the stars
Calculate ever hidden equation all possibilities sought
Never closer to the answers you seek a blind stab in the dark

Spend all your waking time pretending that it won't come to pass
But none of us escape it's grasp
A prayer for the unprepared tied ends unravel so quick
While the clock just continues to tick

Planned course to anywhere but here all systems are go
Erase the trace of everything you held dear washed away in the flow
Least expected when you number was pulled watch it rip at the seams
Another plain of existence awaits but just what does that mean
Track Name: Doing Just Fine, Thank You
Perish the thought pull tight the rope
Lost in the great divide between your anger and your hope
Perish the wish to find the words
Caught in the great divide you get just what you deserve

The good old days are gone
And now they just drag on
Every losing grip
Riding a sinking ship

Perish your dreams they're just not coming true
Fooled yourself for far too long it's time to cut it loose
Perish the life you lead perish this day
Perish the wasted time you tried to make it go away
Track Name: Careful What You Wish For
From better days ahead to better left unsaid
From darker days behind to burning out the light
From ancient battle scars to every brand new war
From empty blackened voids comes empty blackened noise
From endless protocol comes the urge to end it all
From mindless games we play until we don't know what to say
From claiming bragging rights to severed life long ties
From wanting it all back to realizing it's a dead end trap

Careful what you wish for it might come true
Track Name: Is That All There Is
Drag it out naked and raw into the light of the day
Watch it recoil in the heat of the sun and quickly slither away

Venomous ideas that breed on holy hallowed ground
Elimination is the name of the game strike those bastards down
Chaos reigns in coptic times end days are at hand
Unleash a frenzied wall of hate you'll never understand
Track Name: Happy Days Are Here Again
It's not the battle it's not the lost sleep at night
It's not a lack of desire it's not the ugliness I see
You wanna know what it is but I just don't fucking know
A black cloud that hangs above raining down the blows
It's not frustration it's not so easily explained
It's not a healthy way of thinking it can't be scrubbed and washed away