The Human Condition

by Fit Of Frustration

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released December 13, 2016

Fit Of Frustration is Justindians, Brandon Existence and Al Caustic. Recorded at Slow Burn Studios Sept-Dec 2016. Produced and engineered by Justindians. All songs written and performed by us.



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Fit Of Frustration Maryland

Just some old dudes that enjoy playing the type of music we grew up on.

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Track Name: Timebomb
Time's the romancer, time's the betrayer
Time has no reason to care
Time is the everything, time is the all
We blink and the time isnt there
It's high time that we realize time's not secure
Time's like the waves on the sand
Ticking away, it gets shorter each day
Don't let the time slip out of hand
Track Name: Fat, Lazy and Stupid
Keep them fed and entertained
Still true in 2016
Silence any voice of resistance
Because that's the American scheme

If our concerns arent on your list
Then you'll pretend they don't exist
No talking point will go unmissed
Turning patriots into terrorists

A government that's for the few, not me and you
The informants that gave their lives to expose the truth
A media playing slights of hand to cause confusion
Practicing in dishonesty and collusion
Track Name: When You See It (You'll Shit)
Without warning airburst over DC
Nowhere to run when the air is unclean
Radiation sickness spreads a mass of disease
A world power taken out at the knees
Structure falls to chaos, a city under seige
Far too dangerous to stay, far too dangerous to leave
Crippled with despair, the horrors you can't believe
Welcome to hell, welcome to WW3

I am death you'll bow to me

I am death and you'll all bow to me
I'll fill your streets with blood as far as the eye can see
I'll burn your flesh for pleasure and eat your souls with glee
I am death and you'll all bow to me

A dirty bomb planted in your subway system
Random shooting in a crowd causing fear and schism
Drive at high speed into a crowded sidewalk
Release a spray of anthrax as the plane reaches takeoff
Poison the water supply and watch whole neighborhoods fall
When it comes to your cleansing no body count is too small
Crippled with despair, the horrors you can't believe
Welcome to hell, welcome to WW3
Track Name: March Of The Crybullies
Forward to termination
A breakdown of misfortune
Didn't get everything you want
So youre resorting to extortion

Choke the streets human cholesterol
Wash you away like a fucking enema
Disgusting hypocrites with your heads inside your asses
Safe space zombies, shut out morons in political science classes

Youre the boy that cried wolf
And now you're acting out because the world won't comfort you
Youre the boy that cried wolf
Seeing the boogeyman in what you dont understand
Youre the boy that cried wolf
A Nazi for the good, a twisted Robin Hood
Youre the boy that cried wolf
A puppet, sad face clown, watch as it all burns down
Track Name: X's For Eyes
An abstinence from the reality
That exists beyond your short sight
Still view the world like you are 17
Still caught up in your imaginary fight

No one cares about what you think
Your childish stand against drugs and drink
Your purity means nothing to the world

You decided in 9th grade what you were gonna be
Its quite embarrassing at 43
Sit in the basement playing D&D
And then you wonder why you are so lonely

A pathetic carry over of your teenage rage
Has you labeling yourself in your middle age
Stunted mental growth brings new meaning to x's for eyes
You don't love drugs you love religion instead
Or you're obsessed with pop culture with your big empty head
Track Name: The Human Condition
Full moon, twisted deranged
Flesh calls, creepy crawl into your darkest fantasies
No reflection in your mirror
No remorse for what you've done
The human condition is a sick one
Fleeced and controlled
Sleaze isn't afraid of a white hot spotlight
Those shadows exist for you now
To push you into and keep you hidden
The human condition is a sick one

Cockroaches of the world unite and feed off the disease
Feed into the junk food ego, vomit from the gluttony
And wallow in your shit
The human condition is a sick one

There's never a surprise at what fills my eyes
Robots just playing our parts
Corrupt as a species, we're still chimpanzees
Just an animal when cut to the heart
Track Name: The Warmth Of An Afghan
It all kicks off with one small prick
Never felt like this before
Peel off your past like a cheap old suit
And let it hit the floor
A bag of tar or a fifth and pills
Sickness aint no cure
Nothing more than the here and now
Until the here and now is no more

Listen to the junkies lament
Charged death and over spent

Flying high but falling fast
Absesses on your arms
A beautiful face gone straight to hell
A warning of the harm
A broken body to the lowest bidder
With no more soul to sell
A warning of the harm to come
A life gone straight to hell

Youre trapped there's no way out
Losing the bout, a prison of doubt
Track Name: Note To Self
Rain on the parade with the utmost arrogance
It is what it is so you better get used to it
Focusing on a cellular level cant see the forest from the trees
You better think about the path of release when anger is your energy

A desired connection engaged in the DNA
Turns to hopeless rejection when seen what they do and say
Focusing on a cellular level cant see the forest from the trees
You better think about the path of release when anger is your energy

Boiling point long past like yesterdays news
Consider the large price you'll pay you have so much to lose
Track Name: The Man In The Iron Mask
Anxiety, pressure on the rise
Paint on that smile to face a world that you despise
Anxiety, pressure on the rise
Paint on that smile to face a world that tells you lies
Paint on that smile while the world around you dies
Suppressed emotions, no expression
Quietly march into your coffins
Track Name: Howdy Neighbor
I will hunt you down and I will gut you like a pig
I'll torture you for weeks and weeks just to hear to you beg
I'll beat you then rip out your teeth so you'll always wear my smile
I'm as evil as evil gets by a goddamn country mile

I'm immortal, I'm a part of you
I'll live forever in your dreams
Everytime you close your eyes
You'll revisit every scream
The darkness strangled out your soul
As you were held against your will
You can kill me but you can't kill what I have done
Those scars will never heal

Innocence lost
They buried more than a demon that day
There were more deaths than one
Innocence lost
They buried less than a demon that day
His evil lives on
Track Name: Dollar Sign Of The Times
Can you hear the sound of the rumble underground
Your veneer is showing cracks
It's freight train bearing down on you hard
While youre asleep on the tracks
How many bridges do we cross before we get to meet the boss
That slid the knife in our backs
Lynch mob mentality hellbent on pure brutality
Preparing for the attack

The marching of the masses to an uncertain death
Shakes the earth below
Rising against power that will maim and destroy
More than you currently know
Neighborhoods divided people choosing all sides
The snake is eating itself
Gated walls keep you out and work to silence your shouts
You have a wealth of poverty and a poverty of wealth

Prices keep on rising while your wages stay the same
And then youre forced to give more
You gotta do for the company or its not there for you and me
Same shit we've all heard before

Your mansions will all burn if you wont stop and learn
We'll only take so much abuse
Your golden parachute wont protect you when we start to shoot
We'll bring the civil war to you