Plagued Earth ep

by Fit Of Frustration




Fit Of Frustration is Justindians, Brandon Existence and Al Caustic. Plagued Earth recorded July 2015 at Slow Burn. Produced and engineered by Justindians. Tracks 1,3,4,6 by Justindians. Tracks 2,5 by Brandon Existence. All lyrics by Justindians. All songs performed by us to the best of our limited abilities. Mosh and stuff.


released July 25, 2015



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Fit Of Frustration Maryland

Just some old dudes that enjoy playing the type of music we grew up on.

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Track Name: Eight Is Enough
Every breath is a struggle
Every thought uncontrolled
A little death is calling for my soul
Every reach falling short
Everything out of hand
Unwilling to accept the bigger plan
No reason or rhyme
No stopping the time
No coming back to make it right again
No comfort forthcoming
No comfort to lend
No comfort knowing it all comes to an end
At war with myself and I just want it to stop
Track Name: The Long Kiss Goodnight
No hope for the ignorant
Good will you banked has all been spent
Strike you down with no repent
Burn it to the ground
Pushing on until it's all gone
The hate inside keeps raging on
Tomorrow there will be no dawn
Burn it to the ground
Lay waste to this whole damn place
Eviscerate the human race
Disgusted with the worlds disgrace
Burn it to the ground
Track Name: Feasting On Crumbs
Land of the greed
Home Of The slave
One nation under boot
Graves for the brave
Fields of propaganda
Beneath mountains of lies
Driven by the ego
Blinded by its pride
Land of manifest destiny
Home of discontent
One nation under surveillance
Liberty fenced
Oh miserable polluted skies
Strangled by the ego
Killed by its pride
Track Name: Misguided Missiles
Set your neighborhood ablaze
A misguided target for your rage
Unable to see through the haze
But you don't care
Lash out at inequality
Not able to get what you need
Drown in a poor economy
And now there's even less
Social unrest
Political distress
What a fucking mess
Cries that are ignored
Prayers go unanswered
The ruling class shits you out its ass
And treat you like a cancer
Victims prey on victims
Man against the wrong man
They smile and laugh at your bloodbath
Its all part of the plan
Racism and reverse racism
Petty bullshit feeding never ending schism
Classism is the real enemy
Keeps you in shackles and lets them hold the key
Track Name: Boss Jam
Nineteen Ninety One
Started out to have some fun
25 years has come and gone
But just hold on we're still not done
Two Thousand and Fifteen
Stripped down and feeling mean
Cut the fat and keep it clean
A juggernaut thrash machine
Drums pound and bass will crush
Overwhelmed by the rush
Destroy everything we touch
Posers run we're just too much
Face melting riffs of pain
Spit fire straight through your brain
Like suicidal so insane
Frantic power never tamed
Track Name: Campfire Songs
The menaces of Genesis
That rotten feeling replenishes
Unseen power that guides from above
Unforgiven untrusted unloved
Plagued like rats abandoning ship
An ugly face when your facade starts to slip
PMA wrapped in a heart made of coal
Oppressed suppressed depressed a sacrificial soul
Peer out through broken eyes that make you sick
In a hunt for damaged minds you can take your pick
A storm that never quiets twisted at the roots
An endless tree of knowledge that's never bearing fruit